I have quite a few chats in my history now. screenshot of chatGPT chat history

Lots and lots more below

Mostly that doesn’t bother me, but sometimes I want to find that image or that code snippet, and… how?

Scrolling down, looking at the names? That is not the efficiency I want when using ChatGPT.

For reasons that escape me, OpenAI have not implemented this. There are a number of Chrome extensions, but I really didn’t have the patience to research each one and see if they are private or not. And frankly, I have ChatGPT at my fingertips, why not ask it for some JavaScript code that I can copy-paste into my console? You don’t get more private than that :) ( Important : only do things like this if you actually speak JavaScript!)

image of sorceress with a laptop in the middle of a forest at twilight

ChatGPT at my fingertips (Fooocus)

So after a bit of inspecting and back and forth, here is the JavaScript snippet:

// Create the search input element
const searchInput = document.createElement("input");
searchInput.setAttribute("type", "text");
searchInput.setAttribute("placeholder", "Search chats...");
searchInput.style.margin = "10px";
searchInput.style.padding = "5px";

// Function to filter chat names based on search input
const filterChats = () => {
  const searchTerm = searchInput.value.toLowerCase();
  const chatItems = document.querySelectorAll("nav li"); // This selector targets <li> elements within the <nav>

  chatItems.forEach((item) => {
    // the chat name is in a great- grandchild element
    const chatNameElement = item.querySelector(":scope > * > * > * ");
    //show element if it contains the search term
    if (chatNameElement) {
      const isVisible = chatNameElement.textContent
      item.style.display = isVisible ? "" : "none";

// Add event listener to search input
searchInput.addEventListener("input", filterChats);

// Find the sidebar and append the search input
const sidebar = document.querySelector("nav"); // Assumes the sidebar is the <nav> element
sidebar.insertBefore(searchInput, sidebar.firstChild);

Copy-paste it into the console and press enter. And voilà! Your search bar is at your service :) screenshot of chatGPT chat history with a search bar

A thing of beauty


  1. This only searches the chat names , not the chat content
  2. It only searches visible chat names , so you might need to scroll down a bit to get to the general date you opened the chat (e.g. 3 months ago) so that the chats appear.
  3. No complex searches such as “flutter AND test” (yet).


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