This is a p5.js sketch that draws growing vines. Hypnotizing, isn’t it? The original Processing code is here. The p5.js code is in the site repository. I converted part of it manually, and part of it using this excellent converter. For embedding it into e.g. web-screensaver, use this link.


I program in a variety of languages from Flutter to Arduino, so stay tuned - it will be interesting :)

Also look at my GitLab page, my Medium articles, and GitHub page for other things I do with code.

How to test GPS in Flutter using Android emulator

In the app I’m currently developing, I need to save the users’ current location. In addition, I need to check if the user is driving.

The excellent geolocator plugin is easy to use and has extensive documentation and examples. Creating a simple class that returns the current location and checks the current speed is trivial.

2 min read

Private-Convert: Free private online tool to convert files

It sounds like an oxymoron — if it’s online, it obviously can’t be private, right?


This site does everything on the client’s side, which means everything is done locally on your computer. Your files are not uploaded to a server at any time, they never leave your computer at all. This makes the conversion:

  • Private
  • Fast
That fast.

private-convert main page

1 min read

How to convert Medium to Markdown using VSCode keybindings

I have my own website (this site!), using GitHub and Jekyll. Originally, I just linked to my Medium articles from my website, but this is not good practice — no one wants to enter a website and see a bunch of links.

As Medium does not yet support my country in the Partner program, I don’t lose money by posting the same article on my site. But copying manually is tedious and boring.

So here is how to copy the article into Markdown in VSCode, using some handy shortcuts.

4 min read