This is a p5.js sketch that draws growing vines. Hypnotizing, isn’t it? The original Processing code is here. The p5.js code is in the site repository. I converted part of it manually, and part of it using this excellent converter. For embedding it into e.g. web-screensaver, use this link.


I program in a variety of languages from Flutter to Arduino, so stay tuned - it will be interesting :)

Also look at my GitLab page, my Medium articles, and GitHub page for other things I do with code.

How to test GPS in Flutter using Android emulator

In the app I’m currently developing, I need to save the users’ current location. In addition, I need to check if the user is driving.

The excellent geolocator plugin is easy to use and has extensive documentation and examples. Creating a simple class that returns the current location and checks the current speed is trivial.

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Private-Convert: Free private online tool to convert files

It sounds like an oxymoron — if it’s online, it obviously can’t be private, right?


This site does everything on the client’s side, which means everything is done locally on your computer. Your files are not uploaded to a server at any time, they never leave your computer at all. This makes the conversion:

  • Private
  • Fast
That fast.

private-convert main page

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