This is a p5.js sketch that draws growing vines. Hypnotizing, isn’t it? The original Processing code is here. The p5.js code is in the site repository. I converted part of it manually, and part of it using this excellent converter. For embedding it into e.g. web-screensaver, use this link.


I program in a variety of languages from Flutter to Arduino, so stay tuned - it will be interesting :)

Also look at my GitLab page, my Medium articles, and GitHub page for other things I do with code.

A prayer for the way

Update: Auto-tefilat harderech is live on Google play, now available also in English! download here.

alt text

Traveler’s prayer (image credits below)

In Jewish tradition, there is a prayer that is said when travelling: Tefilat HaDerech, the traveler’s prayer. It is recited only after you have left your city limits.

4 min read

Int to byte array converter online

I work a lot with BLE, and BLE characteristics are byte arrays. For example, I want to convert the current Unix timestamp to a byte array, send it to a device, and then check the memory of the device, parse the timestamp and see if it’s the correct time.

I guess the year isn’t 3534, huh?

So let’s get debugging.

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Space Short is out!

Finally, Space short is out. Play it online here. Download it to Android here. Check out the source code here. Would love to hear your comments :)

Space Short screenshot

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Breathing animation video in Flutter

Because everyone is suffering from anxiety, especially my kids, I created a breathe-along breathing animation for kids (works for grown-ups too).

gif of breathing video

Full English version here. You can see the Hebrew version below. For a step by step explanation of the code, read on.

9 min read