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The growing vines p5.js sketch below should be familiar to you, as it’s on my home page :). Here I explain how to use an iFrame to embed it on any page. You can embed the same sketch or any of my other sketches in the same way.

An iFrame (short for inline frame) is an HTML element that allows you to embed one webpage within another. This can be useful for displaying content from external sources on your website, such as videos from YouTube or maps from Google Maps. You can also display my sketches on your website.

In your HTML code, add the following:

  style="border:1px solid black;"
  • src - is the url of the content you want to embed. If you want to embed the vines in your own website, use the full url and not a relative url. Also, note the parameters fullscreen and maxVines. Most of my sketches have parameters, they are detailed in my sketches page.
  • width and height are optional - these are can be in pixels or in percent.
  • style is also optional - you can add css to the iFrame itself. It is not possible to style the contents of an iFrame from the embedding site. For example, if you embed the vines in your site, you will not be able to style the internal <body> element in the vines page. This is standard, for security reasons. However, you can add a border to the iFrame, or make it centered, etc.

If you embed any of my sketches, let me know! I would love to visit your site.