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It sounds like an oxymoron — if it’s online, it obviously can’t be private, right?


This site does everything on the client’s side, which means everything is done locally on your computer. Your files are not uploaded to a server at any time, they never leave your computer at all. This makes the conversion:

  • Private
  • Fast
That fast.

private-convert main page

Just drag the file(s) that you want, choose to which format you want to convert it, and save the converted files.

The site detects automatically the type of file you have opened — image, audio, video — and suggests various options. For example, I dragged a png file so it automatically suggested converting to jpg or bmp: options for png file in private-convert site

And for formats it doesn’t yet support, it offers an “I know what I’m doing” option, where you can say that your webp file is most similar to an image so treat it as such: "I know what I'm doing" example with a a webp file in private-convert site"

And it just works.

You can also drag a number of files and perform bulk convert:

3 webp files converted to png in private-convert site No fuss, no muss, no bother.


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