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I’ve been writing on Medium for some time now, and I use gifs extensively in my articles. Some are just cool gifs from Giphy or Tenor, which Medium supports out of the box.

Writing on Medium all the time. (Tenor)

However, a lot of my gifs would have actually been videos…but Medium does not support adding videos to your stories. You can embed from YouTube, Vimeo, or other site; but you can’t upload your own. Gifs are a great solution to this: create your screen recording, convert to a gif, and upload that! (Alternatively, create a screen recording through the Android Emulator and save as a gif).

But… this gets tedious.

This time from Giphy.

ScreenToGif is an awesome tool for one- stop gifs : It records your screen(in an area you define) and converts it to a gif, including editing, cropping, resizing , etc. Easy Peasy.

gif of me writing this article

Recorded, trimmed, lowered frame count, and resized. See?

You can:

  • Record any area of your screen/ webcam/ sketchboard
  • Trim or cut any area from the recording
  • Crop or resize all images
  • Save as video or gif

You can also use it to edit an existing gif.

For free.

As opposed to many free apps, it doesn’t bombard you with ads , or requests to buy coffee. You have to actually search for it if you’re interested (Extras → Options → Donate). It. Just. Works.

As if all this isn’t enough, it’s also open source.

I’ve used this extensively in all my articles, whether to record a screen or to edit the gifs saved from the Android Emulator. And it as made my life much easier.

What’s your tool of choice?

In case you’re wondering, I donated to ScreenToGif. I believe in saying “thank you”.

Still hoping and praying for their speedy and safe return. #BringThemHomeNow .

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